Best Ways (How) To Get Your Wife in The Mood

There isn’t a single answer to getting your wife into a happy mood, but there are certainly some things you can do to help. One approach is to start by doing something she really enjoys. Whether it’s taking her on a romantic date, buying her flowers, or cooking her favorite dinner, making an effort to please her can go a long way. You can also try doing something she doesn’t normally enjoy, but is willing to do for you. For example, if she’s not a big fan of going out, offer to stay in and watch a movie or play a board game. By putting in a little effort, you can help get your wife into a happy mood and enjoy your time together.

Understand Your Wife First:

The truth is that women are not the same as men. Women are emotional, they need some time to recover from their emotions. When they feel sadness, they will always show it on their face, their body language becomes tight and lose their breath. It’s normal for them. But when someone makes them angry, they feel it as well. Anger can take many forms and can be triggered by quite different reasons than sadness or surprise… So how you can make her happy? It’s not so simple as “put her out of her misery”. But there are some basic things you should keep in mind when you want to start a relationship with your wife: 1) You must understand her moods better than she does herself 2) You need to learn how to read her body language and react accordingly (it may be hard for both of you but your job is to recognize what she needs and give it to her) 3) You need to be patient with each other (not everybody would be a good wife, but people who are good wives are good wives) 4) You need a special relationship with your wife (a special relationship does not mean anything else than making time for each other).

“A woman, who is always ill-tempered, cannot be made to love her husband. The more she is in love with him, the more irritable she is.” – Plato A real man understands this. He understands that his wife is a living organism which needs constant stimulation and he knows that if he doesn’t give it he will never be able to make her happy. And so he knows what to do: pump her up with his loving attention, give her some time off work and let her enjoy the fruits of his labour. She will eventually come back to you with a smile on her face and say: “You’re my best friend! You’ve kept me sane all these years!” But quite often people can’t seem to get their wives in the mood. They think they’re doing something wrong or guessing wrong but they’re not sure what exactly it is they are doing right or wrong. But what are women really like? What makes them tick? Sometimes we may try to understand them but sometimes we just need quick thinkers and quick decisions. So today I want you to help me understand how women think about sex and how they like it done to them…and then answer these questions for me:

(1) When do you think women like sex the best?

(2) How do you know when she’s ready or not ready?

(3) Do you have any tips or tricks that make your wife happy?

(4) When did you first notice your wife was unhappy?

(5) Do you believe in magical thinking when it comes to sex?

(6) Are there any particular sexual practices that give great satisfaction for both partners such as masturbation, anal sex, cunnilingus, etc.?

(7) What’s the most enjoyable sex sequence you’ve ever had with your wife? For example: oral sex first followed by vaginal intercourse; oral sex with clitoral stimulation before vaginal intercourse; clitoral stimulation before vaginal intercourse; cunnilingus at end of vaginal intercourse; etc. . . .

And then answer these questions for me:

1.) Which sexual release techniques gives woman the most pleasure?

2.) Which sexual practice does she like the least at present?

3.) How long does she usually take before climaxing during sexual activity with you now? 

You will get clear idea what your wife want from you.

How to understand wife’s anger (Understanding is half way to success):

A quick way to find out what is going on in your wife’s mind is the following: If she doesn’t say anything, then you can assume that she is just fine and not bothered by something. But if she says something but doesn’t have an excuse, then it is more likely that she thinks this issue is serious and wants to discuss it with you. Or perhaps she thinks something (such as her job) has gone wrong, but doesn’t want to talk about it now. It sounds like a normal conversation, right? This is called a “lightning bolt”. In this case we can see that there exists a big difference between the two situations: The first one lacks the nuance of the second one (and even if we were able to explain what it means with words, we wouldn’t be able to convey its meaning). The second one allows us to understand what actually happening in the mind of our loved one and how upset he/she was by the issue at hand. Her emotions are clear and simple instead of being confused and muddled. Here are some tips for having a good conversation with your wife: 1) Listen attentively – Don’t interrupt her while she’s talking. Acknowledge all her statements. Let her speak freely without interruption or distraction from you. Don’t interrupt her (at least don’t speak until there are no more words left). If you’re tempted to start speaking until there are no more words left, don’t do it – wait for her next statement or mention before asking a question about it again later on in the conversation. This will help keep the flow of communication uninterrupted so that you can improve the quality of your interaction with your wife and get more out of it too! 2) Don’t make questions – Asking questions over and over again forces you into an endless loop which makes things even worse! On the other hand, if you ask questions correctly, they will feel comfortable enough to answer them too 🙂 It also helps if you ask open-ended questions; however, don’t start talking till your question has been answered properly by another person (it may not be possible right away). Talking creates a sense of urgency in our mind; however, answering an open-ended question should take much longer than just saying “yes”. So keep that in mind when asking open-ended questions! 

How to make your wife happy:

Sometimes you feel sad, but she’s not happy. She doesn’t have any reason to be. You need to figure out why she’s not happy. In fact, there are many reasons that your wife may not be happy right now, but we are going to focus on two of them:

• She may be insecure because she is worried that her husband is sleeping with other women. This insecurity can cause her to feel confused and upset.

• She may be overwhelmed by work and it makes her unhappy because it takes away the attention from the domestic side of her life and from spending time with you. And so on…

When you find out what’s causing your wife’s unhappiness, you can help make it better for both of you (and for everyone involved in your marriage). Here are some suggestions:

• The most common cause of unhappiness in married couples is a lack of communication between spouses. It’s a huge cause of conflict that keeps both on edge and makes them irritable — especially if they don’t know how each other feels all the time. If they could just learn how other people feel all the time, they would feel better about themselves more often than they do now.

• Being competitive with each other can sometimes cause unhappiness in a relationship — particularly if their competitiveness leaves them feeling like they are at war all the time. If your wife feels like she is competing against other women in her life or wants to compete against your son when he gets home from school, she won’t be as happy as she should be (because he’ll resent her for it). Instead, if you look for ways to make sure that this doesn’t happen again (like working together on joint projects), then you will both have more fun and feel better about yourselves as a result. You can do this by talking about problems openly, finding new ways to work together rather than against each other, and giving each other space where there isn’t competition between you two.

• Even if the sex isn’t going great right now, being interested in sex has benefits beyond making a couple happier (it builds self-esteem; it increases intimacy; it helps boost monogamy). So even if your wife isn’t into sex right now because she’s too busy or tired or overwhelmed at work or whatever else might be keeping her down right now, try talking about how good sex can still be happen.

How to avoid misunderstanding in family:

If you are a man, it is important for you to understand the nature of anger in your wife. In this post I will try to clarify some common misunderstandings that arise in this regard, and we’ll see how we can avoid them. What exactly is anger? It’s a feeling that we all have of frustration and rage when something happens or someone else does something hurtful. Anger is a natural human emotion and it’s present in all human beings. In fact, most people feel angry when they are not happy or satisfied with the way something is going. The trouble is, the feeling of anger can be very different from any other emotion the person might have (for instance fear). The difference between fear and anger boils down to a difference in intensity: fear is more likely to be an irrational reaction (e.g., your child cut you off on the road), while anger can be so intense as to feel like physical pain (e.g., your finger aches from punching an enemy). When someone shows anger, there are usually two main things going on: There is usually a strong emotion involved, which means the person’s face may look angry even if his voice doesn’t sound angry . This often indicates that he’s actually experiencing a strong emotion (e.g., frustration), but mostly it’s because of his body language: his fists may be clenched and his shoulders may be raised up; his feet may be pointed out sharply and he may growl at others; or perhaps he’s biting his tongue to stop himself from saying things he doesn’t mean. The second main thing that happens when someone shows anger is that he typically makes some sort of gesture with his hands: He raises one hand up over the other; he clenches one fist tightly behind him; or maybe he crosses one arm over the opposite shoulder while holding another fist firmly closed above that arm. These gestures are often used as means of controlling others who upset him (or at least trying to control them). Sometimes people also tend to show their anger by barking at others when they’re angry – although this isn’t really anger because it’s just yelling. A typical example of what I mean here might take place at home: We’re watching TV on Sunday afternoon when my wife starts shouting about how my brother-in-law has come into our house uninvited and interrupted our family dinner time.

Why its important to keep wife in good mood

Sometimes you have to understand your wife’s anger and cause of being not happy. Sometimes it is better to give her a benefit like a gift or present. But sometimes it is better to know why she is not happy and find the reason behind her anger. Wife has a great anger for any reason but she can be happy if you understand her anger:

1) You don’t know what she wants or what she wants from you.

2) She is angry for something that you did not do what she wants.

3) She is angry for something that happened in past, but it doesn’t mean that it happened again in the future.

4) She is angry for something that happened in the past, but it doesn’t mean that it will happen again in the future.

5) Something else more important than money, status or having children: she get scared when someone, who pretends to be somebody else, come into her life and spoil her happiness.

If you can understand all of these reasons, then you can make your wife happy so she stop getting angry with you and able to have a good relationship with you. That will help your marriage and live happily together as a husband and wife.

If you want a happy and successful marriage, it’s important to keep your wife in a good mood. The easiest way to do this is by doing things that make her happy. Compliment her, take her on dates, do chores for her, and spend time with her. If you can make your wife happy, she’ll be more likely to stay in a good mood, and your marriage will be much more successful. When your wife is in a good mood, it makes for a calm and peaceful home. The sound of laughter and happiness are far more pleasant than the sound of an unhappy woman. A happy wife means a happy husband. It is definitely worth your time to do whatever you can to help your wife stay in a good mood. 
There is plenty of evidence to suggest that when a wife is happy in the home, the husband and children benefit. For husbands, a happy wife means an easier life. She is more likely to take care of the daily tasks around the home so that he can focus on work and other responsibilities. For children, a happy mother means a stable home environment with less stress and more positive role models. A happy wife can also be a great friend and supporter to her husband, which can help to strengthen their relationship. 


A lot of people don’t realize this, but if you can understand the anger that your wife and other women have, you can learn a lot about how to be happier. So, let’s talk about anger. Anger is a natural human emotion and it can be incredibly productive. It motivates us to solve problems. It also makes us feel better when we solve them. And it gives us the ability to get more done in less time than we might have otherwise been able to accomplish it in. But there are dangers of anger as well: anger is a physical response to emotional stress and most of the time, those emotional stressors are intentional on our part; which then makes the angry response even more powerful, because it comes from an automatic (yet consciously controlled) physiological response unlike any other emotional response (which is why sometimes all you need to do is calm yourself down). You may not know why your wife or your children are angry, but doing something about it can do wonders for their mood and relationship with you. As I mentioned before: keeping your wife happy is hard work and there are a number of ways you can do that besides simply making her happy (she may not know it yet but she often knows that if she becomes unhappy she will quickly lose her love). But I bet you’d rather spend time with her even if she doesn’t know that’s what she wants than spending hours trying to figure out why she doesn’t like what you make for dinner?

Although it may seem difficult at times, there are definitely things you can do to help get your wife in a happy mood. By being understanding, supportive, and attentative to her needs, you can create a strong and happy relationship that will stand the test of time.


I love to write on real-life facts. Working as a journalist on a local newspaper as senior editor. I love to listen music, gossiping with others, traveling and swimming.

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