Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneurial or Workaholic? What You Should Be

A workaholic is someone who has no identity beyond their work. Life is about so much more than what you…

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Physical and Mental effect of night shift work

In lots of companies, the night shift is a vital part of the organization working schedule. Companies work overnight to…

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Less working hours do not improve work life balance

Corporate wellbeing expert, Dr Paul Lanthois suggests that its time to stop blaming long working hours for our poor work…

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Improve your work-life balance by improving your work-wife balance

It’s an all too familiar scenario that I have seen amongst thousands of patients and at times, in my own…

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How you can get through you working day with limited sleep

Just how many of you actually regularly get the eight hours of sleep that they recommend? And who are they?…

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How To Take Time Out of Working In Your Life and Work On Your Life

One of the most successful pieces of advice for small business owners to improve business growth is to “take time…

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How Progressive Companies Can Instil Greater Work-Life Balance Within Their Organisation

It just seems that companies have got the whole work life balance out of sync. For some reason you have…

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How Poor Health and Work Life Balance is Draining Workplace Productivity

Sustainability seems to be a real buzz word at the moment. Businesses are seeing the benefits of wiser, more energy-efficient use…

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Have we got this whole work- life balance concept out of sync?

Why is it that so many people in their thirties and forties are so stretched to the limit that their…

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12 Gifts to Improve Your Well being and Life Balance This Christmas

Our most common wish for others is for them to have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year. Well…

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