More research proving that vitamin supplements don’t work

New research has added to the mounting evidence questioning the effectiveness of vitamin supplements.

Researchers followed 182 099 regular users of vitamin supplements over an 11 year period. Over that time they showed no difference in the incidence of illness.

Now, the medical profession has attacked the natural health care industry frequently over the years. They have often claimed that they are “acting in the public interest” when in reality, most campaigns are simply a public scare campaign to maintain drug/surgery approach as the main healthcare domain.Some people would deny that this really happens, but it has. Many medical associations in the USA were found guilty in the Supreme Court of racketeering and conspiring to eliminate the chiropractic profession as competition in the early 1990s.

With this latest attack on the lack of effectiveness of vitamins, conspiracy theorists have quickly leapt up to say that this is a drug-company funded program designed to destroy the natural health care industry as competition.

It is not very often that I agree with the medical profession but as a chiropractor I have been looking into vitamin supplementation for over 14 years and I am yet to find research proving that vitamins work. In fact at best, the studies I have seen have found vitamin supplements at best to be useless (like this study)and at worst studies have found vitamin supplements to be harmful.


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